Management Message

president and representative director Kazuhiko Suruta

The Importance of Engagement

With the announcement of Japan’s Stewardship Code in February 2014 and the implementation of the Corporate Governance Code in June 2015, listed companies have been called upon to engage in “constructive dialogue” on management strategies founded on corporate philosophies and mission statements, in order to achieve sustainable growth. How to dialogue with shareholders and investors and convey to them a company’s roadmap for growth has become an important issue for IR activities in recent years.

Corporate disclosure policies, including the manner and method of releasing information, are expected to take on increasing importance in light of “fair disclosure” considerations, alongside the promotion of a deeper and more widespread understanding of the company.

The Investor Relations Services Company of the Daiwa Securities Group

Daiwa Investor Relations Co. Ltd. (Daiwa IR) has been providing high-quality IR services since its establishment in 1996. Clients include a wide range of companies, from those preparing for listing while in their start-up stage of IR activities, to companies that are already listed and facing challenges and issues that need to be addressed.

When strengthening IR communication activities that build closer ties between corporations and investors, Daiwa IR draws on the full range of capabilities of the Daiwa Securities Group . Daiwa IR has structured a comprehensive support framework based on the expertise and know-how that the Group has developed over many years and has earned the trust of its clients for developing the most appropriate and effective IR programs.

A Leader in a New Era of Investor Relations

In addition to supporting IR programs that target individual investors and domestic institutional investors, Daiwa IR is further bolstering its lineup of IR services aimed at overseas investors. Through these efforts, Daiwa IR looks forward to assisting Japanese listed companies in planning and implementing IR programs for investors worldwide.

At a time when the government’s New Growth Strategy is expected to help revitalize the Japanese stock market, Daiwa IR, in its role as an IR consulting firm, will endeavor to become a leading company in this new era.

January 2017
Representative Director and President
Tsuneo Hasegawa