Daiwa Investor Relations

Anti-Corruption Policy

Daiwa Securities Group Anti-Corruption Policy

    The Daiwa Securities Group (the "Group") has established the following Anti-Corruption Policy based on its corporate philosophy. With high ethical standards, we strive to prevent corruption and ensure fair and sound relationships with all stakeholders including our customers with high ethical standards.

  1. Prevention of corruption
    The Group prohibits receiving and giving of any form of bribery. Also, the Group prohibits the receiving and giving of inappropriate entertainment, gift, facility, and other benefits that exceed acceptable limits under normal social conventions.
  2. Management involvement
    The management of the Group recognizes the importance of corporate ethics, sets a good model through its daily activities, and is responsible for preventing corruption.
  3. Compliance with laws and regulations
    The Group complies with anti-corruption laws and regulations and international treaties that apply in the jurisdictions where it does business. Relevant laws and regulations include the Unfair Competition Prevention Law (Japan), the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (US), the Bribery Prevention Law (UK), the Commercial Bribery Regulations (China), and others.
  4. Internal control
    The Group appropriately prepares internal rules and other regulations regarding anti-corruption based on relevant laws and regulations. The Group regularly checks the operation and effectiveness of these internal rules to take necessary actions such as reviewing them.
  5. Education / training
    The Group provides all officers and employees with regular education and training on anti-corruption, such as the prohibition of bribery and raising awareness about the whistleblowing system.
  6. Reporting / whistleblowing
    The Group establishes a system for receiving reports or whistleblowing from officers and employees regarding activities that breach or might breach anti-corruption laws and regulations and internal rules and other regulations. The Group will thoroughly protect whistleblowers so that any officer or employee who reports will not be disadvantaged.
  7. Dealing with breaches
    If any officer or employee of the Group breaches relevant anti-corruption laws and regulations or internal rules, the Group will strictly apply the applicable sanction procedures based on internal rules.
  8. Understanding and embedding the policy
    All management and employees of the Group fully understand this policy and make annual attestation.