Daiwa Investor Relations

Company Information

Company Information

Daiwa Investor Relations Co.Ltd. is the IR consulting firm of the Daiwa Securities Group.

As a member of the Daiwa Securities Group, Daiwa IR aims to contribute to revitalizing capital markets and, ultimately, the Japanese economy. To this end, Daiwa IR, as an IR consultancy, draws fully on the Group’s professional knowledge of capital markets and its network to provide comprehensive support for the IR activities of its client companies, which include a broad range of companies, from corporations that are already listed to companies making preparations for listing.

Company name

Daiwa Investor Relations Co.Ltd.


Head Office:
Daiwa Yaesu Building, 7th Floor, 1-2-1, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031, Japan
Telephone: +81-3-5555-4111 (Main number)
Facsimile: +81-3-5202-2020

Date of establishment

September 2, 1996

Paid-in capital

¥100 million


Daiwa Securities Group Inc. (100%)

Principal lines of business

■ Research and consulting regarding corporate management policy, finance policy, shareholder policy, corporate image, and IR activities ■ Planning and conducting corporate seminars, information meetings, and other events on request from corporations ■ Research on request regarding trends in the economy, money and capital markets, as well as trends among investors ■ Planning, editing, and production on request for printed materials and visuals regarding corporate business activities and performance ■ Other IR services

Directors and Auditors

Representative Director and President
Executive Managing Director
Senior Managing Director
Senior Managing Director(non-executive)
 Junya Naruse
 Makoto Mochizuki
 Mitsuhiro Sugihara
 Tomohide Wakayama
 Masahiko Momoi
 Tetsuhito Eguchi